John Doe
Who am I?

I am a IT professional with about 10+ years of experience in Internet and Network Service Sector. I am always seeking a challenging job to develop inovative and challending network. I have a good experience in the field of Routing, Mikrotik Hotspot, Radius Server, GPON Technology and Wireless Point to Point.

Contact: 9841063070


Routing & Switching:

Directly and indirectly, I have been working for a long time for Nepal's leading ISPs and also for some of the private sector. During my professional carrier I had the opportunity to get acquinted the various devices.


After small online form fill-up client allows to login Hotspot. So that you collect your clients' personal data when they connect to your free HotSpot. Which will serve for lead generation and to collect large amouts of WiFi statistics and insights.

Web Designing:

I use different tools and techniques to design the website that is visually appealing. Basically, I have been desining for the small and medium business organizations at affordable price.

FTTH Technology:

I have a good experience in the field of FTTH Technology. I have been handling all kinds of technical issues of both EPON and GPON device for the last 4 years.


Routing & Switching

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Web Design

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FTTH Technology


Managed HotSpot
  • Interactive Login Page
  • Separate Bandwidth for Local & International
  • Equal Bandwidth to All User
  • Load Balance
  • Web User Manager
  • Access via QR Code
Web Designing
  • Static & Dynamic
  • Wordpress / Bootstrap/
  • Desiging (Photoshop / CSS)
  • Animation
  • Online Feedback Form
Email for other prices

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me for more information about my work. I am available Sunday - Friday, Saturday is a day of rest.

Phone: 9841063070

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